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Callanetics Exercise Class


CALLANETICS® is a series of physical exercises based on small repeated movements.

The CALLANETICS® exercise technique was founded by Callan Pinkney in the 1980’s.

It revolutionised the fitness industry worldwide and became an instant phenomenon breaking the ‘best seller’ records with the launch of her first exercise programme "10 years younger in 10 hours".

Callan Pinkley Callan Pinckney was born in 1939 in Savannah, Georgia. After spending 12 years of her education training for classical ballet and other forms of dance, movement and exercise she spent eleven-year backpacking around the world travelling Europe, Africa and the far east.

The rigours of travel, combined with a congenital back defect, led to failing health and on her return to the US and stepping off the plane she looked old and completely malnourished that her mother almost fainted when she saw her.

With little help for her growing back problems from traditional techniques she experimented with various other exercise methods using her early ballet training to develop the program which finally solved her physical problems.

It proved so successful, not only for back problems, it attracted wide interest and the demand grew both across the US worldwide and a training and qualification program started to ensure the quality and proper instruction of the technique.

It has and is being continuously developed, worldwide, with the most recent additions to the CALLANETICS® series - The Callanetics Evolution and Cardio Callanetics.

What makes CALLANETICS® different?

CALLANETICS® is effectively a low-impact exercise technique that produces the fastest results in the shortest possible time with no threat of injury.

With only one hour twice a week you will feel and see an amazing difference. You will start to see the figure you have always dreamed of and once reached just one hour a week can help you keep it!

Small movement in Callanetics exercise

CALLANETICS® helps produces these amazing results quickly by activating the body’s deepest muscles.

CALLANETICS® uses small, gentle exercise movements, called pulses. They are done very slowly stretching and contracting the body’s largest muscle groups.

They reach deep into the muscles giving you a strong, firm body with no sudden jerking or impact which with other exercises can often cause damage.

You will feel the difference in minutes - and see the dramatic results within hours!

It is said one hour of CALLANETICS® is equal to 20 hours of aerobics! And, the visible results and the way you will look and feel makes it all worthwhile!

Why not start now and see and feel the difference it can make?

First class back after having my 2nd child. New studio is very welcoming inside a very calm atmosphere. Eva as ever a great teacher. ... Tanya F   
I started Callanetics with Eva 9 months ago and I have lost 14 and a half inches to date. I feel more toned and happy with my body shape. ... Shona C   
I absolutely love my sessions at Eva’s. Have missed a few weeks now due to Xmas + being in hospital but can’t wait to get back. Feeling ... Alison F   

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