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Pregnancy & Callanetics

Pregnancy & Callanetics

You don’t have to stop and can continue to workout in your Callanetics class even when you are pregnant. All expectant mother can have different needs and limitations, but your teacher will tailor exercises to suit your needs.

Continuing with your Callanetics exercises during your pregnancy brings you many benefits .

Abdominal Muscles

By exercising your abdominal muscles during pregnancy, you strengthen your core muscles and more importantly your pelvic floor.

This can have major benefits including the relief or even prevention of back pain. At least 50% of women suffer some form of back pain during their pregnancy.

Your teacher can advise and alter the abdominal exercises as your pregnancy progresses to allow a comfortable and safe workout.

Toned abdominal muscles and strengthened pelvic floor greatly helps in giving you a smoother, faster labour through better abdominal strength for the ‘pushing’ stage.

This can mean a forceps delivery is less likely or even the need for a c-section in some cases.

Less Fatigue

Your Callanetics class will help you to tone and stretch all your muscle groups increasing your endorphin levels, helping you feel happier with more energy.

Even if you feeling a bit too tired before your class, you will be amazed just how good you feel after it!

Better Sleep

As Callanetics is taught in a relaxed and calm environment you will feel less stressed and less anxious helping you sleep more soundly and waking feeling fresher.

Improved Body shape

Continuing with your Callanetics exercises both before and after your pregnancy will help recover your body shape more quickly after the birth as your abdominal muscles pull in so much faster.

You can see amazing results! After 8-12 weeks, you are back to your pre-pregnancy size! See the before and after pregnancy photos!

Better Weight Control

You are less likely to put on excess weight.

Your teacher will work with you during your whole pregnancy and depending on how you are feeling, from class to class, and will modify the exercises where needed.

It is always advisable to check with your doctor before you begin, whether it is Callanetics or any other exercise programme, and also after the birth, check with your doctor when it is best for you to start back.

This will be at least 6 weeks.

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