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non-impact exercise for health, fitness & the body you really want
Exercises for maximum fitness benefit

CALLANETICS® - The Benefits

You can forget long runs on hard roads, slogging it out on the treadmill or spending hours sweating in the gym.

CALLANETICS® is non-impact and easy on the joints, tendons and ligaments using exercises which most people, regardless of age or level of fitness, will find comfortable, easy and enjoyable.

CALLANETICS® is for everybody!

Individual instruction for most benefit If you’ve tried traditional exercise programmes with little, disappointing or no results, CALLANETICS® offers a series of unique exercises carefully designed to activate the body’s deepest muscles.

By working on individual muscle groups using small, precise movements, CALLANETICS® exercises tightens and reshapes your body increasing muscle strength, flexibility and your body posture.

All exercises are safe using injury free techniques suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness.

Each muscle group is warmed, worked and gently stretched encouraging full body health, increased strength, endurance with greatly improved posture & flexibility.

With CALLANETICS® techniques you will see fast & rapid results!

You can expect to see:-

  • a flatter stomach
  • reduced saddle bags
  • re-shaping of your thighs
  • a lift of your buttocks
  • a lifting of your bust
  • tighten of your underarm

  • narrow your waist
  • toning your pelvic floor
  • increased flexibility
  • improved posture
  • better sleep
  • increased energy levels

It’s said that just 1 hour of CALLANETICS® exercise has the same toning, body shaping and lifting value of 20 hours of aerobic exercise.

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